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September 9, 2013
Volume V, Number 37
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F. Scott Crawford, Carrollton, Texas
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In This Issue:

Labor Day Weekend Showers
On Harvested Fields

New Museum Display ... The
L.M. Abbott Collection Opens
At The Doss Heritage And
Cultural Center In
Weatherford, Texas

What's On Line Recently?
An impact damaged "Ensor" dart point found
north of San Antonio.
Several other Archaic period dart points from Bell
County in central Texas.
For Collectors Of Ancient & Authentic Arrowheads ...
Every Week A Point Or Two, Perhaps More, In:
Labor Day Weekend Showers On Fields Of Maturing Crops Promise
Artifact Surprises As You Get Time To Wander The Fields In The Fall
(c) 2013.  All rights reserved.
F. Scott Crawford.
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L.M. Abbott, late of Athens, Texas, was a
respected collector who was featured in
"Who's Who In Indian Relics, No. 8".  He
began hunting artifacts with his brother,
Fred, as a youngster in east Texas.

After he retired, Abbott became a very
active and successful collector, specializing
in central Texas artifacts.

Over 132 types of Texas arrow points, knives,
spear and dart points are identified in
materials prepared for this exhibit.
The Doss Heritage & Cultural Center In Weatherford, Texas,
Hosts The L.M. Abbott Collection ... New Display Now Open
Doss Heritage & Cultural Center in Weatherford,
Upper Left:
"Clovis" spear & dart points, Paleo-Indian period,
"Castroville" dart points, Late Archaic to
Woodland Periods, Texas.
Middle Right:
"Pedernales" spear points, Middle Archaic to
Woodland Periods, Texas.
Here are a few examples of the ancient
artifacts which were being offered on line
recently ... from reputable auction houses,
artifact dealers and from individuals
through eBay.

As always, do your "due diligence" and get
as much information as you can about the
authenticity and provenance of the
artifacts which you consider acquiring.  
These photos and descriptions are of
artifacts which were all on eBay recently.  
Seller's ID:  
What's "On Line" Recently?
Left Above:
"Friley" arrow point, from Louisiana.
Left Below:
"Clovis" dart point, from Illinois.
Right Above:
"Midland" dart point or "Folsom" point preform,
from west Texas.
Right Below:
"Dalton-Colbert" dart point, from Tennessee.
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monthly newsletter
September 2013

Here in north Texas on Labor Day Weekend
in early September we felt an early touch of
winter's cool breath, giving us a bit of rain
from a "cold front" for the first time in
several weeks of hot summer weather.

Soon folks with access to farm lands will
daydream of stumbling across plowed fields
at the end of the harvest after a refreshing
rain cleans the dirt from possible artifacts.  
Eyes to the ground, some will be looking for
glints of agate, jasper, obsidian and other
stone used long ago ... the discarded or
exhausted remnants of ancient stone tools,
dropped and misplaced, even stored and
forgotten long ago.

Now, by chance and wind and rain, exposed
to the sharp eye of a modern collector or

Read, learn, find, enjoy.

F. Scott Crawford
From time to time we will look at on line artifact offerings ... from reputable
auction houses, artifact dealers and from individuals through eBay ... with
the purpose of learning how to discern what could well be some excellent
artifacts, with good provenance and history, to potentially add to your
collection.  Another purpose is to make available information and methods
which can help you do your "due diligence" research and get as much
information as you can about the authenticity and provenance of the
artifacts which you consider acquiring.
The QUIVER Weekly e-Newsletter
Special thanks to long time subscriber and friend, Marvin Glasgow, from the Weatherford,
Texas area, who introduced me to the L.M. Abbott Artifact Collection and arranged a special
visit to photograph many points in the collection while the Artifact Display was being prepared
for exhibition at the Doss Heritage & Cultural Center.
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