Gunther Barbed Arrowhead from northern California.  Found by Pat Welch in 1970.  Photograph by F. Scott Crawford, copyright 2009.
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Arrowhead Collectors ...
I found this wickedly sharp, ancient
arrowhead on the world wide web,
although it was originally found in
Siskiyou County in northern California,
in 2008, by Jennifer Peterson.

I purchased it from Jennifer, in an
auction on eBay in November 2009.

When Jennifer found this expertly
made, finely serrated gray obsidian
"Gunther~Shasta" style arrowhead,
it was in the place where it was last
used, abandoned or stored away
and forgotten.

Now, any collector can tell you that
there are times when you will want
to wander the fields and streams
yourself.  So, from May 2009 until
December 2012, in the pages of
"ACOTW ~ Arrowhead Collecting
On The Web"
, we provided articles
and photographs to show you
how to effectively look for and find
ancient arrow points and other
stone tools for your collection.
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(c) 2013.  All rights reserved.
F. Scott Crawford, Carrollton, Texas
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